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Yet another night you wake up hearing sirens in the distance.

You grab a flashlight and head to investigate.


A short 5 minute game with a creepy atmosphere, staring Siren Head. 

I hope you guys enjoy it. Please leave feedback and such as I would love to hear peoples opinions and experiences, that's the most fun part of making a game.  

Thanks to everyone who has played the game so far :)


Version 3 update: 

This update serves to fix many bugs and to increase the general experience in the game. Some story has been added towards the end, however further content is being worked on. 

Added pause menu which allows changing of brightness and sensitivity. 

Changed player movement to become more consistent and smooth.

Changed brightness slider in order to ensure propper view distance. 

Added various decorations around the map to make it prettier. 

Moved stuff around to increase the playing experience.

Added xbox360 controller support. 

Added skip option for text. 

Fixed various bugs. 


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nice game ! i make a video on !

Haha well done! Really captured the scary bits. 

Creepy looks deffinity different ;). It wasn't absolute rubbish, but it really wasn't a good game either. You can watch my playthrough here:

A fun short horror game derived from the Siren Head series 5 out of 5

VERY COOL thanlks<3

I enjoyed this game and hope we get the update to give us the big showdown.

We will see ;)

great game

Great playthrough!

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your showing us your walkthrough or are you just walking through the woods nation?


Deleted 104 days ago

hell yeah good job :D

fun and "short" horror game

get it ? "short"

Siren Head 3D Horror Game - Full Walkthrough Gameplay (SHORT HORROR GAME)

Great playthrough :D You barely made it there at the end, good dodging. 

Melon <3

Thanks :)

Really nice to play this game waiting for another Siren Head Game. :))

I think he likes me!

Nicely done! 
Nice with sound and acting to make it alot more emersive :)

Thanks! By the way, somebody in the comments is asking if there's an android version. Is there one on the play store?

No sorry there is no android version :( 

cara que jogo mais incrivel sensacional o trabalho de quem fez, por favor atualiza o game é muito bom mesmo

Thanks for the experience!!


"That's the wrong seam!" haha

The flashes I have not added, I think they are just lights and reflections bugging out and spamming your vision >< However it seams to be messing with you so perhaps its a good idea to include after all. 

Thanks for the funny playthrough :) I'm happy to win on loudness B)

umm ill be happy if this was kinmaster

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This game is so amazing man.
when will be the next update released?

Thanks alot!

Currently I don't have much motivation to continue this project. Once I do feel like it, I have the project ready to be worked on. I've already started with some of the next parts. 

I do appreciate the feedback alot though, it gives me hope for the future ^^

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trying to speedrun but always failed :(

:,( Try harder

this game is so fun to play.i hope that u will continue making this game.


Nicely done :) You played it by the textbook. 

Love the little mouse shakes as he came closer towards the end ;)

Nice game man!love it.I want it next update.This game is a fantastic.The environment matches with the theme of this game.The siren head model is also good.Thanks for making this game.And i hope you will update it soon :)



pls update your game.Your game is so amazing.And especially it run smoothly on low end pc.Most of the sirenhead game don't run smoothly on low end pc.But this game was so optimized.I loved playing this game.I wanna play it more so pls update it fast.

Thanks, thats sweet man :)

I did put some effort into optimizing it for lower end computers so im glad it worked. 

I will think about updating it for sure :) It's just hard to come up with enough motivation. For now the best you can do is try to speedrun it :p 

pls add a death animation on your next update Like sirenhead picks up the player and drag the player to his sirens.It will make your far more beautiful :)

I agree :) I tried doing something like it but unfortunately im not a very good animator... 

The walking animation also really needs an update. But again, not an animator. 

why don't you hire a animator or something like that.It will make easy for you.

You're not wrong, having an animator would help. That's the case with most things that don't involve programming which is what I studied at school. 

But it's hard to find people who are willing to work for free, and I can't afford to pay someone to help me develop a game which brings in no money. 

I am looking for people to develop games with though, so maybe in the future who knows. 


Thanks, but you're playing the wrong game lol :p

They do all be looking similar tho ngl. 


I really liked this game. Although short it did a great job building tension and suspense. Pretty creepy! Thank s Joelttyjoel. Would love to see this made into a full game.

Haha thanks, i love your reaction to finding melon.

You were so close the first time. 

I will make sure to add a skip function to the text sequences. 

Melon is very cute! Also completely unexpected to see when I'm running around frantically trying not to get killed LOL!  You should totally make more games I really love your work. I followed you so thank you again for scaring me and I will keep an eye out for more of your stuff. :)

It was a bit confusing but I figured it out.

Thank you :) You almost got it...

Too bad the game ran poorly on your machine, I need to work on that. 

it is not a problem with the game, dont worry about it

Pour les Francophones !

Merci beaucoup :) !

I understood somewhat, the tree "regarder come un petite siren head" was funny and got me some ideas... 

I am working on further updates to make the game more enjoyable however you really made the most with what you had, good job. 

I'm waiting for your next updates 😉

Cool game (starts at 7:13)


Thank you for playing the game :) Great feedback. 

That restart at the beginning was painful, il make sure to add a pause menu. 

The slight random turning is due to my lazy movement mechanics :p I will fix that. 

I wasn't sure what to do because i thought the cabin kept me safe, but maybe i misunderstood. I only had time for a couple attempts last night though so i didn't have time to really explore. I think Siren Head cheated though, haha


Thank you for playing the game :)

First of all, yes mr Siren Head cheated, that gatehouse door should be locked until you visit your cabin. I will fix that.

Your playthrough also pointed out many other things that need to be worked on, I will fix as much as possible asap. 


Nice! Thanks! I'll definitely play again soon