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Yet another night you wake up hearing sirens in the distance.

You grab a flashlight and head to investigate.


A short 5 minute game with a creepy atmosphere, staring Siren Head. 

I hope you guys enjoy it. Please leave feedback and such as I would love to hear peoples opinions and experiences, that's the most fun part of making a game.  

Thanks to everyone who has played the game so far :)


Version 3 update: 

This update serves to fix many bugs and to increase the general experience in the game. Some story has been added towards the end, however further content is being worked on. 

Added pause menu which allows changing of brightness and sensitivity. 

Changed player movement to become more consistent and smooth.

Changed brightness slider in order to ensure propper view distance. 

Added various decorations around the map to make it prettier. 

Moved stuff around to increase the playing experience.

Added xbox360 controller support. 

Added skip option for text. 

Fixed various bugs. 


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I really liked this game. Although short it did a great job building tension and suspense. Pretty creepy! Thank s Joelttyjoel. Would love to see this made into a full game.

Haha thanks, i love your reaction to finding melon.

You were so close the first time. 

I will make sure to add a skip function to the text sequences. 

Melon is very cute! Also completely unexpected to see when I'm running around frantically trying not to get killed LOL!  You should totally make more games I really love your work. I followed you so thank you again for scaring me and I will keep an eye out for more of your stuff. :)

It was a bit confusing but I figured it out.

Thank you :) You almost got it...

Too bad the game ran poorly on your machine, I need to work on that. 

it is not a problem with the game, dont worry about it

Pour les Francophones !

Merci beaucoup :) !

I understood somewhat, the tree "regarder come un petite siren head" was funny and got me some ideas... 

I am working on further updates to make the game more enjoyable however you really made the most with what you had, good job. 

I'm waiting for your next updates 😉

Cool game (starts at 7:13)


Thank you for playing the game :) Great feedback. 

That restart at the beginning was painful, il make sure to add a pause menu. 

The slight random turning is due to my lazy movement mechanics :p I will fix that. 

I wasn't sure what to do because i thought the cabin kept me safe, but maybe i misunderstood. I only had time for a couple attempts last night though so i didn't have time to really explore. I think Siren Head cheated though, haha


Thank you for playing the game :)

First of all, yes mr Siren Head cheated, that gatehouse door should be locked until you visit your cabin. I will fix that.

Your playthrough also pointed out many other things that need to be worked on, I will fix as much as possible asap. 


Nice! Thanks! I'll definitely play again soon